The purchase or lease of an aircraft is a huge portion of your operational expenses, so it’s vital to make the right decision.

Are you getting the aircraft that’s best suited for your operation? For your conditions? For your budget? JetStream’s professional and technical expertise can help you make the correct choice.

Through our detailed understanding of air operations based on decades in the industry, and our proprietary cost modelling tools, we can help you to evaluate the aircraft you are thinking of against alternate choices. We can even recommend a short-list of aircraft for your consideration, based on your individual needs and environment.

Of course, there’s more than purchase price to consider, so we factor in maintenance, engine management and operational flexibility, depreciation, fuel consumption and other factors to determine the total cost of ownership for your aircraft. Once you have decided on the aircraft that’s right for you, we can assist with locating the best example, opinions on fair market value, and assist in purchase negotiations. We can even arrange aircraft delivery from just about anywhere in the world.

Why not talk to us about your aircraft needs?